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G3 lem gp pressure input


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Hello, I am trying to set up a low oil pressure  warning using the analogue volt input. I have a 0-5 volt pressure sensor. I cannot seem to get the gp pressure setting to show in the run time values. If I select 0-5 volt it works perfectly, the pyro setting does not seem to work either. Can anybody help with this? Thanks in advance.


I am running firmware 1.9.1 on the g3 lem.


Kind regards


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Hi Tim

I have done some work on the GP pressure not showing however haven't found a solution yet. I will try to get hold of the original software engineer to see if a fix can be made.

You could use the channel set as 0-5V input and then do you warning based on the correct voltage for a given pressure.

As we are not tuners as such ill I can suggest with the accel is to keep trying different things. One of the dealers might be better able to assist.

For the cold starting adding pre-crank prime will likely make a big difference. Most Toyotas like a lot of fuel for the initial crank.



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