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Map build from data log only?


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Hi All,

Have a rather strange question.

I have a 99 Wrx which seems had the engine replaced by a older V1 or V2 and in need of a tune after a few mods.

Im currently living in Macau and thinking of a G4 to tune this car. Problem is there is no dyno or tuners that I can find here,.Would it be possible to make a tune or get someone to make a map for my car by starting with a retarded version of the base map and sending the tuner a data logged drive? 

Log a drive, send the log to a tuner and get a map made? I know it would be a long process involving alot of map changing and logging before getting a good map.

Im happy to buy a wide band and knock block to aid in logging.

But wanna make sure this rather odd idea is possible before I go out and start buying bits!

Any ideas on how to get a decent map made in a place with limited resources would be great!


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Hi Dan,

Quite a lot of tuners have remote tuning services. Off the top of my head two of them are:


14 Mowbray Street, Christchurch 8023
Tel: 03 377 5447



Dobsons Dyno Tune

4 West Quay, Waitara
Tel: 06 754 8336


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