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Can't get the ECU to talk to Display Link

Anthony Parle

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I have a G4 Xtreme and I can't get it to talk to the Display Link.  I have tried a couple of ECU options setting in the display but still no luck.  Have selected G4 for ECU type but didn't work so tried a few other but none work.

Down the bottom of the screen it says 'Status - G4  0.0Hz'

Any suggestion

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Hi Anthony, Have you setup the data stream in the ECU itself for the Display Link. You need go into PC LINK, Then under the ECU SETTINGS TAB, select CONFIGURATION, Select Data Stream Mode Select REQUESTED SHORT Set the Data Stream BAUD RATE to 57600, HIT F4 to save configuration to the ECU and F2 to save to your PCL file. Also, what port are you connecting the DISPLAY LINK cable to, USB or CAN. Let me know how you go. Regards Dave.

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