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first link ever made (gts link ) map sensor question

daniel verrall

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hey guys wanting to know how to check the 2 bar map sensor it has three wires earth 12v and signal between wat two wires to you hook a ohms metre and '' wat is the map sensor supose to read '' to be in working order and does the gts link handle more than 16 pound of boost because maps run out at about that can u extent the maps ? can someone please help me would really appreciate it cheers!

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Hi Daniel.

What you are looking for when checking the map sensor is the voltage out put from the unit.

If you power it up with 12V and ground connected you should see a voltage of about 1.85V between the ground and the signal wire. This voltage should decrease when vacuum is applied and increase when pressure is applied. The full range goes from 0-5V

The GTS plug in is geared to go to 22psi on a 2.5bar sensor.

Later software allowed the use of a 3bar sensor giving up to 30psi.

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I assume the car has had a full tune to check all mixtures and ignition timing are correct? It could be as simple as a tuning issue.

The track is most likely meant to be cut as those boards were used in a few different applications back in the day. Tracks were cut to suit the application.

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