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Which ecu? 7mgte supra


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Looking at buying an ecu for my supra. Specs of it at the moment;

Aftermarket intercooler, piping, intake manifold, 3sge tps, 1uz throttle body, t04b h trim garret turbo, 3' exhaust, zeitronix wideband 02, stock ecu with HKS FCON piggybacked with fcd to run my 550cc injectors, (was walbro gs341 pump when dynod) now Aeromotive 340 fuel pump and aeromotive fpr . Last dyno'd 254rwkw on bout 9:1 afr went richer if i recall heh.

Wot tune is horrendous and is the reason I'm looking at putting an aftermarket ecu into it, daily driving closed loop it's fantastic, just that wot needs work.

Factory it runs wasted spark and the ecu dual fires injectors so this will need to be considered.

Cheers for any suggestions :)

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Good morning,

We have a plug-in ECU for the 2JZ Supra, but not for the 7M-GTE. So your only option would be a wire in ECU. you have a couple of options on which wire-in ECU to use.

1. G4 Storm. This ECU has four ignition and 4 injection outputs, so you would have to run the cylinders in pairs.


2. G4 Xtreme. This ECU has 8 ignition outputs and 8 injection outputs. It also has built in knock control. You could run individual cylinder ignition control and sequential fuel injection with this ECU.

Looking at your engine setup already it appears you are far from stock, and so I would recommend that you go for the G4 Xtreme. The Xtreme also has more inputs and outputs available for extras (wideband, etc)


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