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Explain: volt correction & air temp correction

Jason LeBlanc

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     I need some direction on the adjustment values as to what the volt correction & air temp correction ,I understand what they are for & their intended function ,But what is the effect in increacing the parameter on the volts & what does increasing the value  for the IAT correection?Most of the parameters max value ranges from 0 to 255 ,0  being low side 255 being the later,


    I have searched with no explanation found,I dont expect anyone to hold my hand ,Just a breif discrip[tion & example would be very much appreciated, or a location where as I might find such example & discription





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Hi Jason.

Volt correction is about the closest you would get to a 'Dead Time' for injectors these days in G4.  It effectivly recognises battery voltage, lets say in a total loss type system where the battery is not being charged.  And will in turn 'know' the injectors will not deliver the same amount of fuel with the same duty cycle at a lower voltage - It corrects for this.

The IAT correction figure, when put above the default number will put more fuel in, below this number clearly it will pull fuel out... And of course based on the IAT reading.  If you have a tune in the unit already I would be inclined NOT to adjust the Volt correction at all!

The not so good side with the IAT fuel correction in the earlier G1 stuff is the line from point A to point B (0-80degC for example) is linear.  To be accurate, this line would normally represent a non-linear type line.  You call for turning it on/off however. 

Don't forget this was awesome technology 10 years ago, and now things are a completely different ball game.


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