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New injectors, what then?

Jack Black

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Hi again guys. Long time since i checked in here, but it's always fun to read some new threads.

I'm planing to buy new 800cc injectors for my GC8 with PossumLink, but the thing is that i'm still in learning stage. I try to learn as i go, and with lack of info on the web i have no idea what i should change with the new injectors.

All help are appreciated.


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Thansk for the amswer Scott.

Any idea where i can find more info about this? Any sites or something?

The manual doesn't help me much here :) And as i said before, i want to learn more.

The 44S is not the most sophisticated ECU out there, but it's great for new beginners like me :)


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Hi Jack,

Unfortunately the only info specific to your ECU is the manual. PCLink version 2.5 does have a help section that deals with some tuning functions.

Although the current range of G4 ECUs are quite different in the settings they have, the general principles are the same and so the PCLink help for version 4.9.3 could provide you with some good information.


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