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Set up probs. Cant get the TPS to set

Alan Mullins

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I have a G1 V4 I am having problems setting the TPS scan. In the Utilities menu you cant adjust it.It has locked in at 255. Can you give me a step by step guide on how to set it, Can i just run a map or do i have to have map+tps? I also have the 02 sensor unhooked at the moment is that an issue, Its a gtir pulsar. Also setting the static timming, is that just a matter of entering a number. 20 degrees or do i have to do something else? sorry about all the Questions, Thanks, Alan.

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This a link to the V4 manual. It should help a bit.

Having the O2 not connected is not a problem at all.

For setting the static timing

Under Limits menu select ADVANCE LIMIT and set advance limit to

zero. With engine at idle or low speed, set ignition initial timing by

distributor position. This value will vary depending on engine type etc.,

but 10° BTDC (Before Top Dead Centre) would be a good starting point.

Once set, reset ADVANCE LIMIT to required limit value, and check

advance operation with timing light.

You can then enter the static timing number into the static number.

For the GTiR assuming you are still running the stock 4 butterfly intake you should set the row steps to TPS but retain a map connection. This will then give some fuel compensation for boost pressure.


For setting the TPS are you using PC tuning or are you working through the remote?

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I have tried to set the static timming, The GTIR has a timming mode, You disconnect the TPS rev the car 2 or 3 times above 3000rpm it then goes into timming mode and you set timming. When i do this the timming is way out. With the LEM do i just adjust with the TPS still connected or do it the nissan way? Thanks, Alan.

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The LEM is set at 10 degrees base timming, Can i set the LEM to 20 degrees base timming or do i set it at 10 degrees and put 10 degrees in the Edit Zone 0-10. If i can set it at 20 degrees should the Edit zone be set at 10 or 0? Sorry about all the questions, trying to figure out why the timming wont stay at 20 degrees. When i set the timming it seems ok but when i go and put a 40 degree limit in, The idle raises up and when i check with timming light it is way more advanced. Thanks, Alan.

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The timing is only at static at cranking speed. Once over 500rpm the timing table of the ECU becomes active these numbers are on top of the static timing. To retain a 10 deg timing you would have to have 0 in you zone ignition numbers.

This will be why the engine speed rises when you raise the advance limit.

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