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Adjusting fuel table - larger injectors


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Hi there,
I am running a Link G4 Xtreme and my cars been on the road for 3 years and all running well.
I've just completed some mods which includes larger injectors. I was running 320cc/min but now running 550cc/min.
I need to get to the mapper for a retune but was hoping to drive rather then trailer the car. Can i just adjust each cell in the fuel table by 42% ?
Can someone please  give me a guide on how to do this, I've never delved into the software but im willing to give it a go providing you all tell me that its straightforward...... 
Many thanks,
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Hi Jules,

You're thinking along the right lines, but what you want to adjust is your master fuel number. For example if you had a master fuel number of 15ms with your 320cc injectors it would go like this:

320/550 = 0.5818 (old injectors/new injectors)

0.5.818*15 = 8.7272 (ratio from above * old master fuel number)

Better to be rich than lean, so I would round up to a new master fuel number of 9ms. You will need to substitute your master fuel number into the maths above to arrive at your new master fuel number.

You definitely need to have it re-tuned properly, but this should get you a good starting point.

The master fuel number is found in PCLink under ECU Settings > Fuel > Fuel Setup > Fuel Main

Let me know if you run into any problems,


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