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fuel set up mode ej20

jason lebreton

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ok im really confused with all the wirirng involed here i keep hearing ppl starting there engine on the first shot ive bought 2 link ecus now both will not run my car bought a used link plus no go bought a brande new lem g3 wired it last night spits asputters no go once again. engine is a ej20 1995 jdm have inj 1 & 2 going to 1/4 & 2/3 have ign 1 & 2 going to 1/4 & 2/3 this confuses me as my firing order on a ej20 is 1,,3 ,2 4 car turns over and fuel pours out of exhaust pipe fuel master is at 13ms im using a factory igniter has 4 wires on one side and 5 on ther other ground is in the middle of the 5 wires which way does the igniter wire 5 wires toward ecu or 5 wires toward engine. i appreciate all the help ive been getting but im 4 months into wiring ,repairng ecu and still not running. thanks

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Your ignition wiring should be correct.  The Injection wiring is not critical as it is running in group fire.

It sound like you are now at the point of giving the ECU / engine a good tune.

Make sure you have gone through all the setup steps including setting the TPS and doing a MAP cal.


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