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Whats wrong with my LinkPlus g3?

Ryan Simmons

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I have had my car off the road through the winter whilst i perform some major engine upgrades etc, i removed the ecu and kept it stored in doors through all this time to keep it from getting damp. Today i re-installed the ecu and connected the USB to the laptop but the pclink software could not detect the ecu! I checked the com port settings etc, the ecu shows up in the device manager, something like LinkECU (COM4) under coms tab, and i have the ignition set 'On' and immobilizer disarmed -everything set how its supposed to be. I did do some wiring alterations to the car whilst it was off the road and i took extreme care to making sure any alterations to the loom was returned to its correct state and no crossed wires.. However when i connect the 2nd ecu plug of the 3, my fuel pump relay starts buzzing like mad?! Any ideas what is wrong with it?! Is there any way i can check that i have not somehow fried my ecu? Thnaks Ryan

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Couple of things to look for.

One will be to check the ECU is powering up. If you go to the ground and power pins and check the voltage across them.

This should be full battery voltage.

If you have voltage try running the ECU firmware update program to see if this will connect.



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