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Mk1 Escort tacho

Jason Sutherland

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hey guys,


i have a MK1 escort with a 6 dial dash. Link g3 with g4 firmware running a turbo sohc2000.

question is the tacho had a inductive loop that the power wire to the coil would normally run through.

this is how the tacho recieved its signal. is there a way i can replacate this by triggering some sort of solid state relay powering

a resistor through the inductive loop? or am i way off the mark.


Cheers Jason

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Didnt it take a neg trigger off the coil like most rev counters ?


What ignition setup are you using now ?


And have you tried simply inputting an aux out signal to the tacho input ?


Whilst not ecu specific, you could ask over on the Turbosports Forum. Lots of Mk1 Escort users there, and I'm sure someone has come across this before

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nah, well not my one, it has a loop wire that you unplug and wrap around the power feed to coil then re connect.

im using single coil with dizzi running from link.

it needs to replcate a load simular to a coil to make the tacho go.

yea i should ask in the uk, just thaught the people at link mite have come across this before.

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