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Auto Tune

Nigel Harris

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Hi Nigel,

Autotune can be very effective in terms of reducing the amount of time spent tuning. However it is not suitable as a replacement for full tuning as it does not setup your ignition timing. The best use for it is to use it as an aid to quickly establish a fuel map.

Perhaps some other tuners will chime in with their experiences.



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Depends on how you tune your engine. If you put your car on the dyno and hold the rpm / load point static until you hit your AFR Autotune can reduce the time you will have to spend on each cell and thereby reduce engine stress, esp. under higher load / rpm. I use ATune only at low to mid load and rpm and prefer complete RPM sweeps at different loads with subsequent log evaluation and tuning. The QuickTune feature (automated calculation of target pulse with based upon current pulse with, current AFR and target AFR) is of great help here.  I prefer this approach mainly when tuning mid-engined cars where cooling issues quickly arise when holding rpm points static.

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