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ign output LEM V3

Ian Johnson

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Hi, my trigger is hall sensor based.

Motor will start only with throttle part open; it will then rev to ~3000 rpm then straight to zero & stalls.

After many,many tries, engine keeps running but revs up to 3000 rpm & then almost stalls, then back to 3000 rpm etc, with the same throttle opening.

New ignitor module made no difference.

At present am running the motor with LINK ECU for fuel & OEM ECU for ignition.

Seems like the ign driver is faulty?

Is it possible to use the ign#2 output? (the one that fires on 12V and dwell on 'low').

[Guess I'd have to find another ignitor module. Present one is dwell on 12V & fires 'low'].

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Hi Ian,

Has this ECU run the engine fine before?

I assume the ignition works fine on the OEM?

It sounds like the ignition output is working as you are getting spark (they usually work or don't).

What load are you using MAP or TPS?

What engine is it?

If the ignition timing is not setup or tuned correctly it would struggle to run. Whereabouts do you live, we could recommend a dealer nearby to tune it?

- Cameron

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The screen dropping out could be a sign that there is a power supply issue to the ECU.

It is also a possibility that the solder joins around the main header have fractured.

I would suggest taking the ECU out of its case and giving it a visual inspection. When doing this make sure you earth yourself to avoid static damage to the board.

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