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K-Type thermocouple pyrometer compatibility

Michael Lusby

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Hey guys,

Just as the title says, I have an autometer 5249 thermocouple pyrometer; maximum output voltage at 930C is about 37mV.

Does the ADC of the LinkPlusG3 have suficient resolution to provide decent accuracy at such small input voltages? and can I simply calibrate it from 0.00V to 0.04V by extrapolating the expected temperature at 0.04V?

Or do I need to design an amplifier circuit to increase the output by a factor of 100, increasing the output at 930C to say 3.7V?



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Actually it appears I have answered my own question, there is 10-bit adc resolution between 0 and 5V, so 1024 levels, this gives me a quantisation difference of 4.882mV, so i would technically have 7 different possible readings.

The output from the sensor needs to be amplified then.


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