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e-throttle module plus ford duratec 2.0

Antonis Latsos

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Hi there!

I have a Link G4 Storm and I am gonna install it in a Ford Fiesta ST (MK6), running a ford duratec 2.0

Before I order the e-throttel module, I would like you to confirm that it can work with my engine's throttle. In your wiring instructions I saw that I will need 3 auxiliary channels of G4 (Signal 1, Signal 2 and Enable). Is this right? How does it connect to duratec's throttle body? Do you have any wiring diagrams?

Thank you for your time. :)

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We are trying to make it work on a latest yaris model, half of the diagram is in the g4 manual and half is on the ethrottle manual!

Yes you are correct about the 3 aux needed + 4 analogs for the tps main,tps sub, fps main and fps sub!

I hope you get a working calibration right away, mine keeps failing when calibrating tps main vs tps sub so it disables the whole system, other than that seems to work fine!

Good luck

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Hi Antonis.

We have very little information on the various throttle bodies and they are generally all a little different.

If you have the option of send us the unit we can pin it out for you and advise suitable PID figures.

There is a good chance it migh match the Ford Falcon throttle which the help file has information on.

You will also need two TPS inputs and two FPS inputs (4 volt inputs)

These are to give foot and throttle position feed back.

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