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Map hose conection. bad idle

Alan Mullins

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I am trying to get my GTIR to idle, when i do get it close it hunts very bad. The only way it will idle roughly is by lowering the master fuel to 65. Just noticed today that the idle rises when you put your foot on the brake, does this mean i have the map sensor hose in the wrong place? It is hooked into the throttle bodies, Each butterfly has a fitting so i have all four in series and then into the LEM. Is this wrong any help would be great. Alan.

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That should be fine for the map hose as long as it is on the engine side of the butterflys.

20-220 will just expand how much of the map you are using. Either will work.

To see if it is the map signal effecting the idle you can run with it unplugged. Just be sure to block the hose so that the idle remains low.

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It could be that the map signal is being effected due to the vacuum assisted brakes. It might be causing the ECU to change the fuelling hence raising the idle slightly.

The idea is to find a stable map signal. However on the GTiR with multi butterfly this is almost impossible.

This is one area the G4's excel at with their ability to have 4 and even 5d mapping.

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