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Data logging to help find issue

yasir bashir

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Hi guys I’m sorry to be an amateur on the topic but i wanted some info regarding data logging not sure if this is what i require? I’m having an issue with a misfire (i think it is) or over fuelling? I’m getting a splutter in 2nd and 3rd which isn’t allowing me to go all the way up my revs and having to change earlier than normal. I’m assuming it’s a coil pack issue but i would like to prove it before asking for a refund on my new coil packs from a tuner.

I’ve looked through the help section on the software but I’m not sure what options i need to select for logging ignition?

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Best option will be to do a Log all with PCLink

That way you don't miss out on any parameters should you need them and also logging memory space is effectively unlimited.

You should look for AFR, Ignition angle, Dwell, and trigger errors

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