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G4 Xtreme with AIM MXL Strada

Dennis Ng

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Where can I purchase the CAN cable to hook up the G4 Xtreme to the AIM MXL Strada?

Also, what type of pressure sensors are Link pre-calibrated accept?
I am looking to add Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Fuel Pressure, Fuel Temp to the G4 and output it via CAN to the AIM MXL Dash.



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Hi. I have same ecu and dash, and therefore same CAN requirements. Further, at the dash end, can the 712 binder connector be used, or is this for the dash can expansion only, meaning I need to use the can wires on the main power harness? Then, your cable, it will plug to can/comms port ecu, at dash end.. open wires to connect to harness? Pins suitable for insertion to dash plug? I will need a 5 meter can wire, can you supply this? I have emailed... (tech@.....) Thanks.

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Hi Clint,

G4 Xtreme ECUs with a serial number of less than 10,000 do not support CAN. As yours is a silver Xtreme (which we no longer make), I am pretty sure yours will not support CAN. However we can upgrade your G4 ECU to have CAN functionality for free. You would just need to pay the shipping costs to us.

I have attached a document to this post that outlines the procedure for getting one of our ECUs working with an AIM dash over CAN. We can provide a cable that plugs into the CAN port on our ECU (the one under the tuning port) and that has 2 wires at the other end that you could use for your custom cable to your aim dash.



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