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SOLVED Ignition timing calibration broken in fw 5.4.3


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I am a new user for the Link G4+ PnP Evo 6 ecu. I downloaded and updated to the new 5.4.3 firmware.

I tried to do the ignition timing calibration but for some reason the lock ignition timing feature and the adjustments won't work. Example - I have the runtime values open and the engine is roughly idling 1200-1300 rpm (haven't adjusted the idle yet) and timing is 20-22. When I open the calibration window the timing drops to 0. Ok thats fine but when I change it to 10 - nothing happens. Also when trying to adjust the delay and timing correction - nothing happens.

Using a Bosch timinglight with my friend.

Any help?

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Got it working. Had to reupload the rom to the ecu. 

Now works just fine!

So there could be a issue if you upgrade from the older version to this new one.

Thanks again for quick replys!

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