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Thoughts on custom wheel speed sensors


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Not strictly an ECU related question, but I would like to have a tinker with traction control etc which requires a non driven wheel speed signal.
My car is from 1983 so it does not have any factory wheel speed sensors, and I've fitted bigger brakes to the front of it which take up just about every iota of space in between the wheel and the hub/strut.
So I dont really have any room for retrofitting an ABS ring type setup from another car.
I was wondering if anyone's had any creative solutions for a similar problem?

What sort of resolution on wheel speed do you need, would something like 4 pickups per wheel rotation be enough? Or 10/20/30/etc? More the merrier?
Has anyone tried something like reading a signal from the edge of a wheel? Maybe an optical sensor or something... Although dust etc would cause problems.
Any suggestions appreciated!

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