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removalable trimpot dial


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Quick question    is it possible to have a trimpot say connected to anvolt 2    when set up correctly   calibration 0-10K ohm range in ecu for that input       

 basically so you can use the trimpot to plug into the ecu in the pits for a trimming setting on the programmed function   ie ignition timing or boost (not sure yet) and then unplug and keep that setting until next time you plug it in and change again?   all without plugging into a laptop    i guess by unplugging it the input signal will just go high or low depending on the pull up/down setting 


reason Im asking is because  in the speedway class of racing the car im wiring/setting up is in it does not permit in cabin adjustment while racing even on yellow flag    and my customer is not very tech savvy especially with adjustment of the ecu controlled timing or boost settings hence a dial that plugged in to trim then unplugged between races in the pits would be ideal for him 


obviously a dial mounted out of the cabin would work but i am just wondering if it is possible to unplug and plug in 



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If the trim pot where to remain attached that would work.

However once removed it would no longer be a functioning input.

The only way to make the change is to download the pcl file into the ecu with the appropriate changes required.

Or leave the trim pot installed.



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okay that is a good idea :) 


NEXT QUESTION   the vehicle has a quickcar tachometer which is fairlly common for speedway stuff these work with magneto and all sorts of electronic ignitions and is self powered by a 9v battery

http://www.quickcar.com/611-100-Gauge/  same model as this  

http://www.quickcar.com/product_images/InstructionSheets/611-099_611-100_InstructionSheet 10.pdf

will this work with link ecu ? 1 wire is for ground and the other is signal      or do I possibly have to use a Pull up resistor from 12v onto the signal wire so it can see a change from 12v to the pulse      how it would if it was set up on a dumb coil  




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