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Traction control software issues


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I see several placed in my log file that traction is not activated although all thresholds are exceeded. See log file where I have 30+ % spin but traction status is just ready and no trim values.

I had issues with my RF sensor so I set non driven wheels to just LF. 

TC issues.png = accelerating away from the pit. 1st and 2nd gear with massive wheel spin but no correction. Slip set to 6%

TC issues 2.png = tight corner with slip AND tc correction. This was on the same lap as the above so no changes to the map.



Issue 2:

I have the TC map selector set to DI8. I confirm that my switch to DI8 works in the runtime window (and it worked to switch on logging) but I doesn't work to switch TC map. Map 1 is always activated.



Software request:

The slip map should be a 3d map and not a 2d. X axis should be possible to set to e.g. an Aux input to have a rotary switch to adjust in car for different slip levels. When testing this at the track it's very very time consuming finding the right balance. This really needs to be driver adjustable on the fly to be useful for maximum performance.


tc slip.png

TC settings.png

tc issues.png

tc issues 2.png

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Have had the engineer that did the code for this go through all the code and apparently there is not much that wont make it turn on. 

If we can get a copy of the MAP we can try to replicate on the bench simulator.
The table active not switching with the Di is a known issue and has been fixed in a coming PC link release it is purely visual the table will be switching.

The 3D table has been added to the wish list.


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Finally have had the chance to run this file on the bench.

Bench wise its working ok.

The table switching only updates when the conditions are met.

My suspicion is that the Di is switching.

I would log the Di 8 state to see if this is different between the two.

Or bring the second map to the same slip level and see if you get consistent limiting.


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Not sure I understand.. The runtime shows DI8 as active (e.g conditions are met?) but table 2 does not show as activated. I haven't tested in real life to see if table 2 is activated but it doesn't seem likely.

Strange that it works 100% on the bench. As you saw in the logs above during the same run there was 2 occasions where the conditions were met but TC still inactive.

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The table 2 will only show active once all the lockouts are met and traction control goes active.

So with car not moving and TPS closed you will not see table 2 go active.

If Di8 is showing as active in the log then table 2 will be the one in use and it will only limit at 50% slip.

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I wired in a push button for traction disable and a traction led light. I can confirm that it's hooked up correctly and working when set as GP inputs/outputs but when assigned as traction disable switch and tc light it does nothing. The DI input in the runtime window does not indicate anything and traction status is unchanged and the led does not come on.

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