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IAC Valve

Philip Griffiths

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Hi, might be a bit of a dumb question... my current IAC valve is causing numerous issues (sticking - are know to fail) and I have a bosch (0280140551/AC309) to install instead.  This is a 2 Terminal version.  Appears these are a rotary valve type that utilises set voltages through an armature for % opening, and must have a spring return (more info here: http://mbworld.org/forums/e-class-w124/503103-idle-air-control-valve-airflow-versus-control-voltage.html).  

Would wiring be the same as if this were a two terminal solenoid valve/a four terminal ISC stepper motor and only use two aux's?


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Looking at the image that looks very much like a conventional bosch 2 wire solenoid.

The unique bit of this solenoid is that at 30% duty cycle the solenoid will be closed and will open at figures above and below this.

If you run a ISC minimum clamp at 30% it will be fine to use.

I would wire as per a standard 2 wire solenoid. 12V to one pin and the other back to Aux 1 or 2 on the ECU. 

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