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Changing Cal table Units


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So basically what I had to do was go into the AN Volt6 configuration that my wideband is on and select FUNCTION - Lambda1. LABEL - afr.CALIBRATION Innovate LC-1.

Then when you go to connect your guage up, Select - Lambda1 rather than your AN volt channel.


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yes you need to select a CAL table or a drop down selectable sensor depending on what you are using.

You then need to go to the units TAB under the OPTIONS TAB at the top of the page, go to the UNITS TAB and change LAMBDA to AFR.

This will then make the AN VOLT INPUT read AFR, not Lambda.

In the setup for the CAL FILE you need to put the minimum and maximum values for the AFR meter in.

If you want to create gauges etc, then you must go to the setup parameters within the gauge setup page and make the minimum and maximum settings for AFR.




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