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Engine started but no RPM reading??????


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ECU: G4+ Fury.

Engine: Honda B18C with 24 tooth distributor.

Triggers setting: Cam 24 tooth / Cam 1 pulse.

Engine started good and had a very stable idle, but no rpm reading.

Trigger scope seems good too.

But do you believe the engine is actually running when you see the readings?

Any suggestion?


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OK, I didn't read the wave form carefully.

I realized that the trigger 2 actually was triggered 4 times per 360 cam deg.

I guess the trigger 2 was wired into the 4 tooth sensor not the 1 tooth sensor....

but engine couldn't start after I wired the trigger 2 into the other sensor.

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Trigger two polarity is incorrect. Signal and ground connection need to be swapped.

What are you triggers settings set as?

I have seen a 0RPM reading when the trigger 2 mode is set to cam level. This would be incorrect for this application.

Triggers should be set as below.


Honda trigger.JPG

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