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Launch control on/off for single launch rpm mode


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Hey guys,

Might head to nightspeed this Friday, recently I've setup a clutch switch so I can get some launch control working.

I dont have a non driven wheel speed, so I just want to setup a simple "rev hold" at first launch. (Single launch rpm mode)

When I'm staging and want to do a burnout though, how can I turn the launch control off? 

Is it just a case of setting the arming time for long enough that I start doing a burnout before it activates? 

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Hi David,

A couple of ways to do this:

1) Set the timer to a length that works for the burnout and the launch control.

2) Put a toggle switch inline with the clutch switch so you can disable the clutch switch during burnout.

3) Add an additional switch to a DI channel (or use an existing switch wired to a DI) and use the clutch switch and the other switch to control the launch activation via a Virtual Aux channel.

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Made a little progress on this but got stuck.

I set Launch control to be triggered by the virtual aux.

But then I'm stuck on trying to setup the conditions which turn the virtual aux on. 

So as an example, I want it to activate when all of these conditions are met:

DI1 is on
DI5 is on
Speed less than 30kph (optional, probably doesnt actually matter)

The speed is easy, but the only reference to DIs I can find to trigger virtual aux are "DIspeed" but I'm not sure how this relates to a switch that's just off or on.

Any pointers in the right direction are much appreciated :) 

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