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Altezza OBD2 wiring

Joseph Yong

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I have connected the round connector to USB port for tuning, can I connect obd2 from picture show socket? Can I have the pin out for this socket ? And do I need to install 120ohm resistor at both end or only 1 end?


You can buy a CANPCB connector from your Link dealer (http://www.linkecu.com/CANPCB_2) along with a CANDASH cable (http://www.linkecu.com/CANDASH_2) which can be wired through to the ODB2 port or the existing vehicle loom that runs to the ODB2 port.

Alternatively, you can trace the pinout of your existing cable that plugs into the USB port to determine what PCB pins are connected to pin 3 and pin 4 in the socket.  Then purchase a socket housing, contacts and retainer from RS components or similar (http://au.rs-online.com/web/p/pcb-connector-housings/8116803/) to make your own flying lead to wire into the vehicle loom that runs to the ODB2 socket.  Connect 2 pins into the housing that correspond with the CAN H and CAN L positions you traced from the original USB tuning cable, then plug that housing into the CAN/RS232 port on the PCB.

The ECU has an internal 120ohm resistor at one end of the bus, the device you connect to the ODB2 port will determine if you need a resistor at the other end.  If the device you are connecting doesn't have a terminating resistor internally, then you will need to install one at the far end of the bus.

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If you are using the CAN output for an OBD device you need to open the CAN Setup window, select the CAN module you wired up (1 or 2), set the Mode to User Defined, set the Bit Rate to whatever the device requires (most of them are 500 kbit/s) and then set the OBD radio button to the correct CAN Module. The attached screen shot is an example. Make sure you do a store after pressing Apply and OK on the CAN Setup window.


OBD setup.PNG

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