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Delay Coming off Throttle

Rob W

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Had this recently on an EVO 6 plug in G4+.

Stepper position for a stable 1000rpm idle was 92+/-2.

As throttle was applied to pull away, in real time, the stepper was jumping to 60ish steps (opening the throttle more), which meant that idle was at 1600-1700rpm. It then took about 30-40 seconds for the stepper to close to 90 and to come back down to 1000RPM 

So in stop-start traffic the car was a nightmare.

We had to change loads of parameters, but I'm still not happy with it if I'm honest. Still jumps to 60 steps on light throttle appplication, but managed to get it to drop faster.

I can't see why it's doing the drop to 60 steps! I've not told it to, so it's got to be hidden somewhere.

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