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Help on which ecu to run mk4 supra


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Hi guys my names matt and im for England im just in the finishing stages of building my supra here is my spec list for it.

Stock engine fully rebuilt 

Hks264 cams 

1000cc asnu injectors 

Greddy intake with q45 throttle body 

Hks manifold 

Percission 6262 turbo

Aem water methinjection 

Im running a race tec dash 2 

And jt innovative toucan display

I also have twin fans for the radiator, 

So my question is will the pnp supra ecu run all this?  And dose it use the stock knock sensors and all other stock ones like the water temp and oil pressure? Im and also running the aem wide band with a ecu take off so will the pnp aspect this.

Or will I be better of going with the fury ecu and if so what sensors would I need? 

Hope someone can point me in the right direction many thanks matt

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what outputs does the water/meth system need?

On the plugin, all the Auxillary outputs are accounted for but you could repurpose Aux Inj 7 which is usually the narrowband heater control and use it for the thermofan relay trigger. 
If the AEM needs an output from the ECU then you could potentially repurpose Aux 10 which is originally for the purge valve.

The Dash and Toucan should both be able to run off the CAN bus.  The stock knock sensors, water temp sensor, Crank/Cam triggers all work fine.  The stock oil pressure switch is a bit useless, better off replacing it with a 150psi TI pressure sensor which can be wired to and of the spare AN Volt inputs to get a reading on the ECU.  I'd also replace the stock Toyota air temp sensor in the plenum with a faster acting sensor mounted in the cooler pipe just before the throttle body.

The AEM wideband's analogue output can be wired to AN Volt 3 or 4, both of which are designated to run the stock narrowbands in the plugin so you just reconfigure the input to the appropriate CAL.

I'd personally go with a Fury ECU as I like the idea of a built-in wideband controller and making a new loom from scratch is easy for me.  Toyota does a good job with their looms so it may be easier/better for you to go with the plugin.

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Thanks for the informative reply jmp the water meth kit can just run off a pressure tiger just when it runs out of water you can set it to cut the boost and timing,  

As for the toucan and dash two will they both work off one can bus out put?  

And if I went with the fury option I take it I would need all the below sensors 

1 x wideband 

2 x knock 

1 x fuel pressure 

1 x oil pressure 

1 x oil temp

1 x water temp

1 x ait 

Would the stock crank and cam sensors work?  

Thanks for the help matt

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on the fury, it can reuse the stock Toyota cam/crank, knock and water temp sensors exactly the same as the plugin.  I use the TI 150psi sensors for fuel pressure on the builds I do and I don't generally wire oil temp to the ECU but the fury has 4 dedicated temperature inputs so having water, oil and air temp isn't an issue.  If you're using the Fury's internal wideband controller you need a Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor and loom-side plug/pin kit.  I buy a lot of my pressure, temperature and oxygen sensors along with plug/pin kits for all of the common Toyota sensors/senders from Ballenger Motorsports.

You would have to check if the dash and toucan use the same CAN datastream, if they do then they could share the same bus.


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Looks like the fury might be the better option then as it also has 2x can bus imputs,  as for the knock would I not be better off getting some new wide band ones as the Toyota ones are 20 years old now or are they just as good?  And what make are these ti sensors? . Also I would need a 3 bar map sensor.  And as for the oil temp I would run a limp mode on the ecu set below 80deg c so the car would rev cut at say 4k untill it reached the 80 deg where it would active the full map. 

Cheersc matt 

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Texas Instruments make the sensor, Honeywell also make a nice pressure sensor.  Beware of many online retailers that resell the china-sourced "150psi TI" sensors at genuine TI prices.  They're purchasing for ~$10ea and reselling at prices upwards of $200ea...  On a critical system like fuel pressure, I like to use genuine.

New wideband knock sensors aren't a bad idea

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