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A few more cruise control options


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Let me just first say, that the cruise control function is BRILLIANT. :)

In conjunction with e-throttle, it's turned my car into something very jerky and uncomfortable to drive, into something silky smooth while cruising. Total game changer, absolutely love it.

However, as always there are a few extra features which could be a cool addition.

1. Being able to assign a DI to a preset "set" speed. As an example... I only ever turn cruise control on to either 80kph, 100kph, etc.
It would be cool if in the cruise control menu there was:
Set1 = 70kph
Set2 = 105kph
Or something like that. Then you could assign Set1 to DI5 or whatever and it will always go to that speed when you hit the button.

2. Some up and down speed buttons, so you can increase or decrease the Set speed in 5kph increments or something like that.

3. Being able to change the Set value in Pclink in realtime by either wheel speed or rpm.
One unexpectedly awesome feature of cruise control, is being able to hold the car at the dead centre of a column of cells. When you go up and down hills (or load it up with handbrake or dyno or something) You move through the various load zones which works awesomely for getting great results with the mixture map or Quick tune.  So it would be cool to be able to set the "set" by RPM so you can get it bang on the centre of a column of cells for this purpose.


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Hi David

#2 is in there already. But have to admit its not covered in the help. The Set and Resume inputs perform this function. If Cruise is operating and you hit the Set input it will increase the speed. And the resume will decrease the speed.

#3 is a current work in progress and should be coming soon. :)



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