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Blocked ECU after firmware upgrade


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A friend tried to update the firmware on his G4+ Xtreme and things went wrong. Here is some message error he gets on his laptop :

"ECU is running in........BOOT MODE
Warning: Last update was not complete. Engine will not start in this mode. Continue with update to boot main code.
Current ECU firmware information
ECU firmware version :
Bootcode Version         : 1.6
Board S/N                 : (note : I blanked this)
ECU type                   : (note : I blanked this)
Read the version notes before proceeding"
As he launches the update, he then gets :
"an error ocurred which interrupted the firmware download
please run the firmware loader again.
Cannot create file "c:\Program Files (x86\Link G4\PCLink G4+\Firmware\tempqw". Access refused"
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Hi Thom,

From your message it looks like your friend has installed PCLink into the Program Files folder. One possibility is that PCLink is not allowed to write in this location as it could be 'read only'. I recommend trying to install PCLink in the default location and see if this helps.


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Another thing to try is starting PCLink, do not connect to the ECU, and then start the firmware updater. The firmware updater will find the ECU and then you can re-try the firmware update.

During the update if you can not get the software to recognise that you have cycled the power to the ECU try disconnecting the negative lead of your battery, and then re-connect it. This will ensure that the power supply is cycled.

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