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Nissan GTST Traction control questions


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I am trying to get a Traction control set up on a Nissan Skyline R33GTST, this car has ABS luckily.

We picked up the ABS sensor signals , being a GTST it has only 1 rear wheel speed sensor , we knew this would provide a signal with too much frequency, we saw this when tuning on the Dynapack the signal was dropping out due to very high frequency rate as we thought. 

We have a fix to cure this by using a Race technology VRS converter 



 We picked up a front ABS reluctor signal again again we think the frequency maybe to high , what we noticed the front signal doesn't "wake up" until around 40kph.


CAL File  is attached 16_02_2016 dynofinal TRACTION turned off.pclr

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.






16_02_2016 dynofinal TRACTION turned off.pclr

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The signal will need to be up over 1.5V for the Di to detect it.

I would suspect it is a reluctor sensor and it could well be below this level up to that speed.

If possible closing up the gap could help.

Frequency will be an issue assuming its a 40ish tooth ABS ring.



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