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1gfe vvti setup

James Berry

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Hi James

Cam type for trigger 2 vvt will be Inlet/LH

Came type for Di will be Inlet RH

Cam control mode 2GR-FE


When going through the set up if you are unsure of a function right click on the function and it will bring up the help file info for it. This should explain almost all functions well.

If you search 2GR in the help file this will also have a lot of applicable information.


The reason there is no specific 1GR map is due to us not having done one inhouse. We only have maps for cars or engines that we have had as inhouse test units.








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Woops sorry was thinking it was the V6 you had!


On an inline engine you will of course only have one intake cam to worry about.

So in this case it will be assigned as Inlet/LH  don't worry about the LH designation as this is only applicable when applied to boxer or V engines.

We will need to know the tooth pattern on the cam is it 3 teeth at 90deg to each with a gap or is it 3 evenly spaced teeth?

This will effect the cam vvt mode selected.







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