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Graph view disappeared from layout


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Something weird has happened when upgrading to the newest PCLink firmware, the 3D table view has vanished, I tired creating one using the Shift - I and Shift - F options but these create either fuel or ignition tables repectively. On the previous version I had my layout so there was a table view to the left, and a 3D view to the right, I loaded the default layout but when chosing between say ignition or fuel tables only the table that is highlighted (blue border) changes, before both views would change,

Is there a possibility to get this feature back?

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If you use the shift key to open two tables and then change one to the graph view it will give you both.



Also pressing Ctrl + T on a table brings up a memory access violation, not sure if this is related.

Ill get the engineers to check on this as it does it for me too.

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