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Safety tables vs RPM


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Im looking for example solutions for solving engine protection strategies for the following and similar,

Lambda VS MAP - Safety function to monitor the lambda value vs MAP and either generate alarm, lower rpm limit, retard etc etc if violated.

code example; 
if Lambda >0.85 @ MAP >160kPa = activate MAP limit 2(=150kPa) + DO 6 for alarm
if Lambda >0.80 @ MAP >200kPa = activate MAP limit 2(=150kPa) + DO 6 for alarm

(functions can be handle by Internal AUX logic so that part should be ok, the base tables are my main question)

Other example;
Oil pressure vs RPM - Safety function to monitor oil pressure value vs RPM and etc etc as above

How do you solve these functions on the Link/vipec ECU`s?


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