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Fury ecu on new install not powering up every time

20v Jim

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Hi ,   I'm install a Fury ECU to a SR20DET  S14.    I have two problems I Need help with.  The first and most important at the moment is the ECU doesn't always power up with key on !! ( no blue light )

I have 12volts at pin 5 and grounds all good,  all anti theft and ecu holds are off ,but if I have the ignition on for about 1 min then cycle the ignition the ecu does not power back up !!!!  leave it for 5 mins and it will power back up again!!    If I connect a power supply to the battery set at 14.2 volts , the fault does not happen.  Every now and then with the ignition on the ecu will reset itself and the fuel pump will prime again .    

2nd problem is I'm using a custom crank and trigger setup with a 36-1 wheel and a single tooth wheel on the cam , both using Hall effect sensors.  ECU is seeing both sensors but I can not get them to sync.  I get an rpm reading if I turn the cam( trigger 2 ) off.  I sometimes get a reading if I crank it over with the spark plugs out and with cam on  , but not every time!!      Coils fire fine on the output test but I've not yet seen a spark during normal cranking.     

I'm a bit more concerned with the ecu powering fault at the moment .     Any advice or help would be very much appreciated



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Both problems now fixed , and both school boy errors on my part !!!

First, the ecu was getting power from a faulty relay,  if you unplugged the ecu connector and probed from inside it would show 12+volts , but connected and back probed it was less than half battery voltage,  bumping up the voltage via a power supply would just be enough to power the ecu up .  New ignition switch supply to the ecu , job done ;-)  

The trigger fault was down to using the wrong trigger wheel / sensor combination. The Crank trigger is a GT101 hall effect and I was trying to use 36-1 wheel that would normally be used with a Reluctor set up .  The tooth thickness and spacing is completely wrong for the hall effect sensor and when scoped you would only see the missing tooth edge and not the other 35 teeth !!!!   quickly changed the sensor to a reluctor type and it now sync's fine and I get a spark at the coils ... .      

The trigger scope in the link works really well , its a great feature and helped find the problem .  thanks Link ;-) 

Cheers Jim




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