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RPM/MAP issues with IQ3 dash

Mitchell Ford

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I have a G4 Xtreme ECU with a Racepak IQ3 dash, I've just been going through and setting up all the channels and configuring the layout, I have everything set up how I want it and reading correctly except for RPM and MAP.

The MAP channel on the dash will cycle between 0.0 and 14.6psi, it will sit on 0.0 for about 5 seconds, then 14.6psi for 5seconds and keep cycling on and off like that, and while the car is running it will run between 0.0 and around 9.5 on and off for 5seconds each. I'm wanting to set up the MAP to read vacuum while on idle and boost whiile under load.

RPM will read for around 5seconds like the MAP and then completely disappear, as if they are cycling on and off together?

Has anyone ever had this issue before? Everything is running correctly within PCLink software, RPM and MAP read correctly and don't cycle on/off, it's as if the data on those two channels are getting corrupted and not displaying.

Any help will be appreciated.


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Okay, I have tried changing to all transmit frequency ranges from 2hz to 100hz through all data rates from 125kbps to 1mbps, along with changing the link can channel files Generic Dash.llc and DisplayLink.llc

Nothing has fixed the problem, yet. I will upload pictures of current setup and a video of what the dash is doing.

Thanks heaps for your help Scott, hopefully we can find a solution...

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Hi Mitchell,

Thanks for the images and video. I can see what you mean about the RPM and MAP dropping to zero.

I see that the rest of the parameters continue to be received with no issues, this indicates that the CAN stream is being sent by the ECU and received by the IQ3. The only thing I noticed from your images that may be worth checking is the MAP 'Result unit is set to PSI, where-as the ECU is transmitting the MAP in kPa. It is possible the IQ3 is doing some maths to convert kPa to PSI.

I see on the IQ3 there is an averaging filter, does changing this make any difference to the time between when the RPM and MAP drop down to zero?


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