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Buying a ECU on Audi TT


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I want to buy this ECU http://www.ebay.com/itm/LINK-Plug-In-ECU-TT-TTLink-FOR-AUDI-TT-VWAG-1-8l-Turbo-e-throttle-/182050773623?fits=Make%3AAudi%7CModel%3ATT&hash=item2a63125a77:g:jZcAAOSwr7ZW4jhC&vxp=mtr

in my car - Audi TT 1.8 turbo Quatro 2000 year mot.AJQ

Fits this ECU on my car?

What problems can occur when you install?

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The AJQ engine will work with this ECU, in fact the vehicle we developed the ECU on had this engine. If your vehicle has stability control, cruise control, or traction control these will no longer work. However it is possible to use the Link ECU's traction control. Rich RDE is correct, having someone local can be very helpful when it comes to tuning the ECU.

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