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G4+ Storm 2jz base offset

Rich RDE

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So the other day I tuned a 1jz Vvti engine with trigger offset of 207 to match 10 degrees on the crank. I have another customer with a 2jz engine non vvti on Same series ECU. Multi 12 tooth and cam pulse X1. With a factory offset of -6 the car will not fire and seems to be 180 out firing on the exhaust stroke. Car is running GM LS coil packs. Is the offset correct? Is there something different about the base offset. I have tried a few different combos. Here is a trigger capture. I do believe it is correct firing order as well. Harness was built by another company.

TRIG sync.jpg

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Its going to depend on what cam sensor they are using. On the Toyota there are 2 and they are 180 deg apart.

If its on the exhaust stroke move the offset by 360 to give 254 and see if this gets you running.


The VVT motors run a multi tooth missing crank and 3 teeth on the cam. So very different. 


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I'm not sure I would expect an offset of close to either -6 or 354 as I don't know which sensor was used for our base map.

Ultimately it doesn't matter where the offset ends up as long as the timing is correct when checked with a timing light and its on the compression stroke.



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