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Larger Fuel offset tables

Rich RDE

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Would love to see some offset vs volts vs map. Or Fuel flow rate  vs Voltage for offset so we can have a bit better control. Is this something we can do? For multi model this would be awesome to have as well. The 3D maps for some of the fuel equation stuff for offsets would be phenomenal.

Cheers! Love this section

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Yes I was wondering about being able to tell the ecu in regarding to fuel flow. More or less if you use a FPR that is rising rate on a boosted application. So the offset change in relation to voltage and pressure? 

Sorry sometimes I can confuse myself. If we can do this what table allocation do I want to use?

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Hi Rich, 

Currently the ECU determines changes in fuel flow through changes in fuel pressure. The Modelled fuel equation mode does this automatically, how it does this depends on what you have 'Fuel System Type' set to.


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