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Can OBD2 give me l/100km or MPG etc?


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Hey guys,

I got modelled fuel setup, and it's awesome! 
One of the reasons I switched though is that I have a bit of a thing for fuel economy currently, and was hoping to get some sort of l/100km or km/l or MPG type value (I thought this is what instantaneous fuel consumption would show me, but its not speed referenced at all)

If I wire up an OBD2 port to the ECU, can an OBD2 app (such as Torque) give a fuel consumption value based on the available stats from the ECU? 
Or can it only show things like RPM, engine temp, etc. 
If it can give me fuel usage values I'll wire it up, but wont bother if not. 
Has anyone tried, had this working, and had some fuel stats reported back?
If not, it would be cool if PClink could do an equation on cc/min divided by speed and show it on a display in real time :) 


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Hi David,

Looking at the list of OBD2 data our ECUs are capable of transmitting, instantaneous fuel consumption is not included, so I don't think an OBD2 app will help you. Making a parameter for (cc/min)/(km/h) should be possible for the engineers, as all the data required already exists. I'll ask them to put it on their request list.


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