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G4+ Version 5-6 WRX sti - Newby questions inside!


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Hello all, I just received my Link G4+ for my 1999 Subaru STi RA and I'm stoked to get this installed. I am new to Standalones so I have no clue what I'm doing with this and am trying to ensure I don't turn my car into a paper weight. I'm not new to cars, but I have no experience with standalone ECU's so this is new territory for me. So, My first question is what sensors should I buy to properly set this ECU up? I have already purchased a AEM air temp sensor and an AEM 3 port boost control solenoid. I'm wondering if I need to buy a MAP sensor. I was told by my seller that I can run a vacuum line directly to the ECU because it has a built in MAP sensor, but after inspecting the board, I'm not seeing anywhere a vacuum line would plug in. I do not what to run the factory MAF because I'm on a rotated turbo setup, so I need to know what my options are.

My next question is what other sensors or accessories should I consider purchasing to take full advantage of this ECU?

I don't know what else to ask, so if there is any general advice you guys can give, I would greatly appreciate it.  I also know what your thinking, and no, I'm not going to attempt to tune this myself with a book, or following youtube videos, I'm searching for a tuner now that is familiar with Link ECU's in my area.


Thanks guys.


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Hi JT,

I would say you are on the right track by asking questions here. I do believe that you will need to use an aftermarket map sensor. If you have a wideband controller. Take full advantage and run the analog channel to the expansion plug. Buying an expansion harness is easy and will make life easy when adding additional sensors/ controls. I also like to run oil temp, oil pressure, and fuel pressure to set up additional safety within the ECU.

I run a 04' time attack STI and am a tuner / dealer for Link. The biggest thing you want to ensure with this engine is safety. Adding those additional sensors will help. At the end of the day it's how you implement the sensors to be correctly read by the ECU. Setup is everything. Their is a lot more to do within the ecu. This will get you on the right track though.

Hopefully this was helpful.

- RichRDE

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