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G4+ Data logging quiery

Paul Hassell

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Morning all, 

When looking at the data logging files we have on the ECU how do you delete any files not required ? 

After a days racing yesterday we have a lot of small files from scutineering etc which we don't need but want to just save the files that relate to the actual races.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Paul,

Probably the easiest way is going to be to download all the logging memory, make note (in times) of the start and end points of individual races. Then go back into the Log file manager and adjust the start and end sliders and click 'Quick View' to download the race log to PCLink, where you can view it and confirm you have all the race present. Then save them to your hard drive.

You probably know this already, but if you click the icon highlighted in the image below, you can enter, and then save some details to a log file. Make sure you save the log file after entering details.



Log file details.PNG

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The logging memory loops, so the oldest data will be overwritten continuously once the memory is full. One thing worth nothing is that if you adjust the ECU logging settings (adding a parameter for example), the existing data gets wiped. So be sure to download ECU logs before adjusting ECU Logging settings.

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Scott, how do I save the individual log files as above once I have entered the details into the relevent boxes for the individual races ?

I have screen grabbed an image from my screen but i am being told i can only upload maximum of 0.21MB files onto the forum.

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Once you have adjusted the log files to length for the races and entered the details of the race you can then click Logging > Save Log File As... and then save them somewhere on your laptop where you can find them again, perhaps My Documents.

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