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There are pretty good formulas for density for standard fuel compositions (petrol/ethanol) available (see attachment).

It might be easier for many users to just use a predefined fuel type from a drop down list (like for temperature sensors).

With a 3rd degree polynomial description for fuel density in the ECU firmware it would also be more accurate.



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This is something which I really don't understand, but I setup off the actual fuel MSDS sheets.

If you check Gull NZ MSDS for Gull Force Pro (E85) they spec gravity as 735kg/m3 

My other fuel is BP98 @ 750kg/m3. These figures have resulted in a good tune so I am happy for now - I do wonder about your sheet though as the figures are very different. Would be interested if someone is willing to be kind enough to explain?


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Really interesting. The petrol density is not to much off but the E85 differs by 7%.

The density of pure Ethanol at 20°C is 0.789g/cm³ so 0.735g/cm³ for E85 at 15°C seems a little strange to me.

The Gull data sheet for E85 says that the petrol content can vary from 10 to 30%. Maybe this is one of the reasons.

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