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Tuning E-Throttle PID loops

Grant Baker

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Hi Guys,

Has anybody got any advice or tutorials on tuning E-Throttles for idle control?

I'm having a load of trouble on an Audi 1.8T with E-Throttle. Idle is stable, blip throttle and it settles down fine. Then randomly becomes unstable and pulses...

Never had any trouble tuning conventional idle control valves but this particular car is not playing ball!!!

I've tried using the Idle Ignition advance table on and off and it certainly helps with it on.

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You should log some of the PID's and also log the target position of the throttle plate. Most of the time when Idle becomes so inconsistent I switch strategies to open loop method of control and the car becomes much more stable. It just takes some logging and patience when tuning in the E-throttle control.

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