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MXL2 trouble


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Just now have finished EVO9 equipped Fury with MXL2 and found some bug: Internal Lamda is displayed incorrectly at the dash: in ECU-14.5 at the dash 10 AFR for example. Earlier with i88 and

MXL I had such mistake. Is this AiMs bug or some with Fury?

Let me know please


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The Aim MXL uses our Generic Dash CAN stream. On the Link G4 and Vi-PEC V-Series ECUs the ECUs worked in AFR units, and so the Generic Dash CAN stream transmitted in this. However starting with the Link G4+ and Vi-PEC iSeries ECUs the ECUs work in Lambda units, and so the Generic Dash CAN stream transmits in this. As far as I'm aware Aim have not created a new CAN template for our G4+ and iSeries ECUs (to be compatible with Lambda units).


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