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Display Link over CAN


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The wide band number on the Display Link has the decimal place out by one. So .980 lambda shows 9.80 any chance we could get this fixed? 

I don't have the option to adjust the Display Link transmit channel, would be nice to have this option or the frame data so I can have a play around with it. 

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Hi Nigel,

To be honest I don't think the engineering team will modify the DisplayLink firmware as it is now some years old. 

Another solution (that I've already done most the work for) is to make the 'Generic Dash' stream file adjustable by users. A month or so ago I did this for one of our dealers, but have not heard back yet if I created the file correctly.

Here is an instructional video I made. You can follow this, and go to frame 7 and change the divider for Lambda 1 and Lambda 2 to '10'.



Attached is the file you will need.

I would appreciate it if you can let me know if this works. If it doesn't I can try and make some changes.


Generic Dash stream file.lcs

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