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Hi all !

Quick help please. 

First, if the injector dead times were not setup correctly initially, without the tuner knowing it, and the car was perfectly mapped, is there still a need to set the correct values? Because if so, car will obviously need to be remapped.

I attached the current setting and then the suggested settings for info.

corrected settings.jpg

default view.jpg

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Is this on modelled or traditional fuel mode?

If you have no drivability problems and lambda reading is good under all conditions I would probably not bother retuning because of the time and cost involved. '


Traditional fuel with strong additives. I tuned her perfect as it is, no issues. Maybe when we do the 1.8 Bar tune on the car we will have a look into that yes. But for now I leave as it is, since it is tuned for the current dead times thanks!

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