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Start problem 2004 EDM sti v8 with g4 xtreme wire in ecu


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I have a 2004 sti with  g4 extreme ecu. It was instaled in 2011, with no problems for 5 years. Since a few weeks engine stops  when idling and warm, and wot start till cold again. Under normal condition and high rpm no problem, No trigger erorrs  when it runs, after it stops no more rpm shown in run values or log . I suspect is not syncing off cam( avcs solenoid? Bad cam sensor?) .the unusual fact is that when car runs on cyclic idle it never happens. Question: does the ecu on cyclic run batch and not sequential (doesnt use same sync when idling)? Can a bad avcs solenoid influence sync? Any imput greatlly apreciated :)

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Thank you for your answer. As soon as the car comes back to the shop i will log it. What do you need to be loged? There are absolutely no error reported. It doesnt read rpm when it happens but no errors. If running log or running values nothing shows up. After ca. 10 min it runs again perfectly. I belive it doesnt sync .it can be a bad cam sensor which with temperature doesnt produce enough voltage  because if over say 1500 rmp it never hesitates or cuts or any other problem. Can it loose sync without reporting trigger errors or any other errors? Map or firmware hasnt touched since install in 2011 it runs perfectlly otherwise( at the time was a bit of work to set the trigger arming voltages and filters :) ). The fact that on cyclic newer happens is strange ( might be temp related but not ect )

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Normally the ECU should register an error if the established crank and cam position patterns do not show up. In the Runtime Values Window (Trigger tab) does the Trig 1 and Trig 2 status show OK when the engine won't start? 

If you can do a short PCLog it should grab all parameters available. We have a video showing how to do this on a G4+ ECU, the process is very similar on a G4:

How to record a PCLog and Base-map to send to Link Tech Support

How Cyclic Idle has an affect is strange, maybe the log will help reveal why.


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